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3 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Week

September 21-27 is National Dog Week! It's never too late to celebrate this furry special week! If you're wondering what you can do to participate, here are a few ideas that might help.

3 Ways To Celebrate Dog Week - Candle Bake Shop

3 Ways To Celebrate National Dog Week

1) Spoil your dog

You can treat your dog(s) with some special treats, extra belly rubs, longer playtime, or just simply take him or her out for a nice walk. 

Above is a photo of our smallest pup, Lexie, enjoying a classic game of fetch. For a mini cockapoo her size, she can hold her own amongst the other "furry giants" in the family.

2) Adopt a dog and/or support dog shelters and causes

Consider adopting a dog at a local dog shelter. Friends and family are often the best referral sources. Send them a message and ask for some leads on pups who have been waiting to find their forever home. 

If you're unable to adopt a dog at this time, you can still help by donating to a local dog shelter or cause!

Here are just a few recommendations where you can send your donations:

Paws With A Cause

Since 1979, Paws With A Cause has been instrumental in enhancing the independence and quality of life for people with disabilities nationally, through custom-trained Assistance Dogs. 

The Animal Medical Center

Founded in 1910, the Animal Medical Center is a pioneer in clinical research that not only provides the highest level of care to companion animals but also advances veterinary knowledge and education programs that are designed to train the next generation of veterinary leaders. 

Paw Philanthropy

Established in 2017, Paw Philanthropy was founded by Instagram mothers of schnauzer dogs, with a mission to help dogs in need with medical expenses (through fundraisers and donations, which are paid then directly to the veterinary physician). Check out their Instagram to find ways to donate funds or products to their fundraisers!

3) Send a gift

You can also send a gift to a dog friend. Whether it's a bone, a toy, or a leash, pups will wag their tails at any gift that comes their way!

You can also help their owner celebrate by sending them a gift! We offer a collection of pup-inspired candles and 50 States Coffee Mugs with Pawprints

Cockapoo Printed Candles with Salted Caramel Fragrance by The Young Entrepreneurs of The Candle Bake Shop 

There are many other ways to celebrate National Dog Week.

Remember, your dog loves you not because of what you do, but because of who you are.

So whatever you do, take some time to show your dog how much you love him or her--not just this week, but "fur"ever. 😎

The Young Entrepreneurs - 😊😎😏😁 -      

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