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Pop-Up Sale Featured Brand: Adoodzlife Style

Pop-Up Sale Announcements

Among the 3 artists / brands who will be joining us on October 26-30 during our first-ever Pop-Up Sale is Adoodzlife Style. The event will be on our Instagram and Facebook pages, and we'd love for you to join us!

We invite you to get to know more about Adoodzlife Style by reading about the brand's story, below. 

Candle Bake Shop Pop-Up Sale Featured Brand Adoodzlife Style

Adoodzlife Style's Story

Adoodzlife Style's story began in 2017, albeit unexpectedly.

A family of six started this company in the middle of a job loss, followed by a major hurricane. 

Prior to its beginnings, the family wanted to help dogs in need, without having to dip into the family fund. Using what was readily available, which was but a few pieces of unused patriotic fabric, the founder (JD) decided to try her hand at sewing. With just 2 basic sewing lessons under her belt and the encouragement of other dog moms on Instagram, JD successfully made a handful of dog bandanas without breaking the needle (or the machine). At the time, she didn't even know how to replace a needle or wind a bobbin! With the help of friends, she was able to auction off the bandanas on Instagram, thrilled with the idea that maybe--just, maybe--someone would be willing to bid $5 for each bandana. God surprised her that day, with bids as high as $100 for each bandana.

Not long after, JD found herself making dog bandanas to raise funds for pups affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. The family of six worked together to get all of the bandanas out before evacuating their own home state of Florida, just before Hurricane Irma made landfall in September 2017.

Shortly after returning home (after having evacuated the state, twice), fellow dog moms encouraged JD to start her own shop. Other friends graciously gifted her with fabric, and then with art supplies, followed by printing supplies. 

Despite the shop's reduced hours due to current family commitments, God continues to bless Adoodzlife Style with opportunities to make a difference in their community, both online and offline -- with the help of the online pet community.

Stay connected with Adoodzlife Style on Instagram and Facebook!


During our POP-UP SALE on October 26-30, you will be able to place a bid towards one (1) custom pet portrait by Adoodzlife Style. Learn more about the Benefit Auction here.

Net proceeds from the benefit auction will go towards helping to build a home on a small island in the Honduras for a family of four. Join Adoodzlife Style to provide encouragement to the mother of three boys whose livelihood (hospitality industry) has been adversely impacted by travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19. 

Additional Adoodzlife Style pieces will be available for sale on our website during the week-long event. Visit us on Instagram or Facebook to get event updates or sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page to get EXCLUSIVE OFFERS on pre-sale event specials!

Candle Bake Shop Pop-Up Sale Featured Brand Adoodzlife Style

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