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Entering the New Year of 2021

Entering the New Year of 2021 - Candle Bake Shop

A Word of Gratitude


As we wrap up the year tonight, we are very grateful for the opportunity that God has given us to start Candle Bake Shop, which began as our 2020 homeschool project. We are thankful for all of you guys, too! We've enjoyed interacting with you in our posts and we hope you’ve enjoyed watching us grow! We wanted to create one more post for 2020 before we enter the New Year and share what we've learned over the last 3.5 months.

What We've Learned

Since our Soft Launch back in September to today, we've learned a great deal about managing a business. For one thing, it isn't easy! We've learned how to operate as a team--for the most part--as we all developed our little roles within the candle making process. We've learned to create designs for our candle vessels, create photo mock-ups, communicate with our suppliers, and fiddle around with product photography!


In addition, we Young Entrepreneurs were able to experience collaborating with other makers! For our first-ever Pop-Up Sale, we were given the opportunity to work with several gifted artists--Art of Turning, Vida Doce, and Adoodzlife Style--as we tried to promote creativity while donating portions of the funds received to charities around the world (more about that in a bit)! It was such a blessing to work with such wonderful people and we hope to do it again soon!

Giving Back

Because of your kindness and support, God has enabled us to give back to our communities, both near and far. In the last 3.5 months of being in business, we’ve been blessed to have donated over $1,000 in combined direct monetary contributions as well as in-kind donations. We’ve supported causes that have benefited those who have lost their jobs in Hawaii (where we’re from) due to the pandemic, to building a home for a single mom and her 3 sons in the Honduras, to supporting our fur friends through Paw Philanthropy. 

Our Aspirations

As we enter the New Year tomorrow, we are excited to see what God has in store for us! We look forward to a year of new growth! We hope to obtain a warehouse in the coming years, along with newer and bigger equipment. Yes, we've already outgrown our house. We're also praying that we'll be able to employ other people who are interested in learning. One of our biggest goals though is to increase our giving to charities! We want to support more missions across the globe. We want to encourage and uplift those who do what we can't do in person to spread the Gospel on the mission field, advocate for the protection and conservation of our environment, aid those who take care of the people who are in need, and support those who rescue and take care of animals.
Our goals are big, but our God is bigger. We thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement, and we wish you all a Happy New Year! 
The Young Entrepreneurs - 😊😎😏😁 -

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